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AuthenticWebs  is a network that grew out of my own transition from a professional working life towards an engaged and meaningful way of ageing. I was looking to develop a way of working and living after turning sixty that integrated my professional and personal passions, philosophies, experiences and skills; that nurtured my wellbeing whilst contributing to the lives of others.

I’m hoping to use this space to draw together ideas, links, resources and people into an interconnected web that many can share, particularly those women on a journey similar to my own. Our lives exist within a web of relationships, of past, present and future situations; a web of beings and time.

I’ve written about authenticity as an academic, but living an authentic life is not just about highfalutin’ words. It’s something many of us seek in our everyday world – especially as we get older and feel our mortality. Authenticity is not just about being ‘true to ourselves,’  aligning our values and actions. Because we are connected as human beings, our existential dilemmas ricochet through other lives. Essentially authenticity is about accepting responsibility for our lives. Who we become is determined by how we live our daily lives. Every day, through our choices – small and large – and our subsequent words and actions, we shape our lives.

I’ve called the website Authentic Webs to refer to these ideas of interconnection and choice in finding and sharing authentic, meaningful ways of ageing. I’m hoping AuthenticWebs can engage with and connect women of my era with each other and with ideas for positive thought and action.