As Dr. Ann Webster-Wright, I am an honorary research fellow at the University of Queensland and Griffith University. As a researcher, writer and facilitator, I have more than 40 years’ experience in Education and Health, having worked in academia, government and community organisations.

My research has focused on learning, growth, authenticity and wellbeing in working lives, using a narrative, action research and phenomenological framework. I also draw on Existentialist and Buddhist philosophy to explore how people find meaning from life’s experiences.

I’ve been involved in supporting academics and other professionals in their work and in facilitating creative academic writing groups.

My publications include academic articles and a book: ‘Authentic Professional Learning: Making a Difference Through Learning at Work’. For a list of other academic publications, see Dr. Ann Webster-Wright.

Currently, I’m engaged with groups of mature-aged women who are making a transition between full time professional employment and a meaningful, engaged, healthy life beyond traditional work. As Anni Webster, I’m also writing a narrative non-fiction novel on ageing and authenticity, called ‘Imagining Isabella’.