I’m Anni Webster, a freelance writer, creative facilitator and research consultant in Education and Health. I’ve just entered semi-retirement from a career as a professional and academic. My research, as Dr. Ann Webster-Wright, investigated the life and work of professionals – especially those from the ‘caring’ professions. I draw on phenomenology, as an approach to understanding people’s experiences. I’m interested in Eastern and Western philosophy, especially in mindfulness and authenticity, wellbeing in professional life and social sustainability in organisations.

In addition to being a mother, daughter, lover, wife, friend and colleague, I’ve been a hippie, traveller, physiotherapist, community educator, public servant, academic and writer. I’m passionate about relationships, social justice, philosophy, dancing, learning, design, colour, writing, reading and nature.

I love

  • People, peace, purple, philosophy
  • Activism, arts, authenticity, ageing
  • Dancing, design, daydreaming, diversity
  • Music, massage, mindfulness, magnolias
  • Trees, travel, talking, teaching