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Women Rising

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Women across the world rose in solidarity once more this International Women’s Day. This year the UN Women’s theme is ‘Empowering women, Empowering Humanity’. Improving health, education, work and peace in women’s lives benefits families, organisations and nations. This month, March 2015, marks twenty years since the first Beijing Women’s Conference and its global Declaration for Action. The…

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Can academics write well?

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This week is Queensland Writers’ Week, supported by the Queensland Writers Centre, with the aim of highlighting conversations about writing across all genres, including academia. As academics, we want our writing to engage our potential audience so they understand and are moved by what we write. Whether they are challenged, astonished, outraged or inspired, we hope that our…

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Facing a Blank Page

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Although I’ve been writing for most of my life, I’m new to creative writing. I’ve devoured it as a reader since I could first decipher words, but in industry terms I’m an emerging writer. I’ve written in my journals to understand life and written as part of my academic and professional work, but I’m trying to shift to…

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Writing in Sanctuary

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When my eldest son left home, my youngest daughter was nine. For a school project, she had to present a poem based on a given word. Her word was ‘quiet’. Her poster was illustrated with people hushing their pursed lips with their index tip. It read:Shhhhh do not disturbThis is a place of peace and quietA sanctuaryPeople thinking…

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Sweet Dreams

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Sweet dreams are made of ….. what? Even Annie Lennox of the Eurhythmics wasn’t quite sure. Although her comment that ‘everybody’s looking for something’ may hold some clues, according to the latest take on Freudian dream theory from South African neuropsychologist, Professor Mark Solms. He was drawing on new neuroscientific research about the function of dreams.I heard Professor…

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Half the Sky

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Last week was the one hundredth anniversary of the first International Women’s Day.  As a woman who has lived through six of these past ten decades, this women’s day led me to reflect on the changes in women’s roles I have seen throughout my life. The changes have meant that my life choices have been markedly different from…

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