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Women Rising

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Women across the world rose in solidarity once more this International Women’s Day. This year the UN Women’s theme is ‘Empowering women, Empowering Humanity’. Improving health, education, work and peace in women’s lives benefits families, organisations and nations. This month, March 2015, marks twenty years since the first Beijing Women’s Conference and its global Declaration for Action. The…

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The Colour of Hope

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Green is the colour of hope – of growth and renewal. It’s the colour of nature, of ferns and fecundity, in all its hues from emerald to chartreuse. My favourite colour has always been green, as far back as I can remember as a child, from when I chose green over pink for my first puffed sleeve party…

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Nature, indeed life in general, is never static. It moves in cycles – of darkness and light, death and renewal, grief and hope. Over this past month many people, here in Brisbane and elsewhere, have been flooded – by loss as well as love  – as described in my last post. Thoughts of renewal came to me as…

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