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Book Life

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I’ve just bought a large box of books. Weight and space prevented me from buying more. I had to limit myself to what would fit into my box on wheels – a yellow plastic cube with detachable wheels and an extendible handle. I used to take a jaunty back-pack to work, then moved to a smart faux-leather computer…

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Can academics write well?

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This week is Queensland Writers’ Week, supported by the Queensland Writers Centre, with the aim of highlighting conversations about writing across all genres, including academia. As academics, we want our writing to engage our potential audience so they understand and are moved by what we write. Whether they are challenged, astonished, outraged or inspired, we hope that our…

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Reaching Tin River Again

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I’ve returned to Thea Astley’s 1990 book ‘Reaching Tin River,’ compelled to search my bookshelves for it after reading the opening of Julian Barnes’ book ‘The Sense of an Ending’. Both books begin with a list of images – possible openings – all later revealed as pivotal to their respective stories. Both lists startle, disorientate and lure the…

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Facing a Blank Page

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Although I’ve been writing for most of my life, I’m new to creative writing. I’ve devoured it as a reader since I could first decipher words, but in industry terms I’m an emerging writer. I’ve written in my journals to understand life and written as part of my academic and professional work, but I’m trying to shift to…

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Writing in Sanctuary

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When my eldest son left home, my youngest daughter was nine. For a school project, she had to present a poem based on a given word. Her word was ‘quiet’. Her poster was illustrated with people hushing their pursed lips with their index tip. It read:Shhhhh do not disturbThis is a place of peace and quietA sanctuaryPeople thinking…

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